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Enbridge Gas Distribution Historical Savings

Savings If One Had Selected Lowest Price Available

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To date, since July 1999, consumers who locked in 55 out of 149 months have realized a savings (36.9% of the time).

How Were the Savings Calculated?

  • The lowest price available to the public on the first of the month was chosen.
  • The selected price is either for a term of three or five years (they are most often chosen by consumers).
  • The switch to the new supply occurred 60 days after the sign up date, unless the supplier set a date to switch.
  • The average yearly use for a house in the Enbridge Gas Distribution area is used.
  • Changes in use during the year are applied.
  • Changes in utility price throughout the term are applied.

Why You Should Check Back

Only some prices in the chart have finished their terms. Fluctuations in utility prices still affect how much has been saved.

Here's an example: A household signed up in September 2008 for five years. That means the new supply began in January 2009 and will continue to the end of December 2013. Before December 2013, the total savings are not fixed. As utility prices become known, they will reduce or increase the savings-to-date. When the price has finished its term, the savings become fixed.

Enbridge Gas Distribution Utility Price History

This chart displays the utility supply price only. Prices shown are adjusted to include any debits or credits to the supply price. Transportation and distribution charges are excluded.

Utility price history is based upon published utility rates. attempts to provide these prices on a best effort basis and is not responsible for discrepancies.