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Advertising on

  • The key to cost effective advertising is to get your message to people who need and are ready to buy your type of product.
  • Viewers of are there to choose an energy supplier, review energy prices and learn about the deregulated energy industry. They also surf to learn about using and saving energy.
  • As a result, click-through rates on ads are more than 10 times higher than the Internet norm. Typical Internet ads are clicked by 0.3% of viewers. ads average over 5% click-throughs.

Comparing Internet Advertising to Other Media?

  • Advertising on the Internet is no different from other advertising media. It's a charge for each person who sees your message. The difference is in targeting and measurement. Internet advertising can be far more carefully targeted because of the way viewers get to an Internet site. Most Internet sites are visited as a result of a search engine, a link or a reference in other advertising materials. In all of these cases, the viewer won't come near the site unless they're interested in the topic.
  • Internet advertising is sold on a "Cost Per Thousand Impressions", or CPM impressions. An impression is a page view. This happens when a Web site visitor views a page where an ad is displayed. Whenever a page appears on a computer screen, an impression is counted.
  • The number of visitors is tracked. Once the contracted number of impressions is reached, the ad is removed. This is quite a bit more accurate than billboard or bus shelter advertising that is sold on a CPM basis. These media are sold based on how many people have an opportunity to pass by in a given period. With Internet advertising, you know that the contracted number of impressions have been presented in front of a member of your target market.
  • Ads can be placed anywhere on a page, although ads are more successful when they are displayed near the top of the page. If the viewer has to scroll down to see your ad it will be less effective. Keep in mind that most sites have repeat visitors, and most visitors view more than a single page of information, so your 100,000 impressions could actually represent 30,000 to 40,000 unique visitors.
  • "Hits" and "page hits" are not good measurements because a hit is registered every time any text or graphic file is used, whether advertising is displayed or not. A page hit is registered every time a complete HTML page including text and graphic files is delivered. The ratio can be as much as 10 hits to actual page views.