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If you need professional help with your large business energy needs we are holders, agents and\or managers of commodity direct purchase contracts and gas pools on the Union, Energir, Centra Gas, SaskEnergy & Enbridge Gas Distribution systems and we can help. Go to pros who are:

Trusted natural gas professionals:


Trading desk pros for physicals or derivatives via an M3 & W MSA, and EDI or ISDA MA. Trading the following phyicals:

Services for your buiness

Below is a sample of the products and services we can help with, and one we won't help with:
Natural gas agency services
If you need a pro to deal with natural gas direct purchase minefield. We'll be your safe haven.
Floating rate natural gas offers - 12 month min
Go on index if you have to stomach for it in a volatile market driven by fear. Until late 2021 this was winner. Not so much in 2022. We'll see this year. Ya we'll do it.
Fixed rate natural gas offers - 12 to 60 months
Rest easy here if done at the right time. Don't back up the truck unless you ask for some directions though. Ya we do that.
Blended fixed\floating natural gas - 12 to 60 months
You need to give us a good sized load to make this one work. Dollar cost averaging has been a winner for our clients.
Use a formal written Request For Proposals (RFP) to solicit or collect proferssional services from the marketplace. We ingor those.
Go broker
Get a seasoned commodity broker to deliver competitive commodity offers. Ya we do that. We invented it.

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