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About Web Partnerships

Why Become an Web Partner

Energy Marketers

  • acquire new customers at a very low cost
  • reduce transaction costs with on-line sign-up
  • handle small commercial customers cost effectively
  • take advantage of an extended sales force

Gas and Electric Utilities

  • improve public relations by educating the public
  • increase conversions to gas, keeping the pipe full
  • promote value added and profit centre services
  • reduce call centre costs and increase value to customers

Other Web Sites and Companies Targeting Homeowners

  • reach customers "in context" - we're all about home related services
  • reciprocal links with Our traffic is growing daily. Also, there are advertising opportunities!

Non-Profit and Government Sites is a valued customer service. We are linked from a number of utilities and government regulatory agencies. informs buyers, enables price comparison, facilitates small user groups to improve their buying power and provides advice on when and where to buy. The result usually is a saving in call centre costs since customers can be referred to

How Does It Work?

Gas and electricity suppliers register with EnergyShop.   They specify the type and size of customer they are targetting. (e.g. - commercial, industrial, blocks of homes, over 1 million m3 or 10 million kWh). Suppliers register here

Companies that need to buy energy provide EnergyShop with the information required by the suppliers, such as volume, load profile, utility, location etc.   Buyers register here. will contact energy suppliers, provide the purchaser's service requirements, and get a full picture of prices and offers in the market. will present to the purchaser the suppliers price and non price features as well as any other services. then helps the purchaser come to a decision on the offer that best fits their needs.

Let's Begin!

Gas Buyers, input your data, if your buying a volume in excess of 50,000 m3 per year (about $12,500).

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