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A Switch is when a customer is simply changing from one Energy Supplier to another without moving service locations. Use the chart below to Switch to a new supplier and save money. Your Custom Sort

Deregulated Natural Gas Supply Rates 
Commodity prices in ¢/therm  for Atlanta Gas Light
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Variable Price

1/2 Yr.

1 Yr.

2 Yr.


Georgia Natural Gas 39.9 59.9 59.9 61.9 Greener Life FREE for 6 months† view offer or sign-up online


Historical Natural Gas Averages

Here are some historical natural gas prices for the state of Georgia. Chart shows that if you are paying the average price (or higher) you can really save money if you switch to the lowest fixed price at each renewal. If you signup on we will remind you to do this at renewal time.


Note on fixed offers

Most of the fixed offers are only available to customers who are new to a particular supplier. So for example if Constellation sends your bill then you can signup to the fixed offers from any of Scana, Georgia Natural Gas®, Infinite Energy, Gas South, Xoom Energy, or Just Energy.

Atlanta Gas Light no longer provides default gas supply

The charges you pay to AGL will be the same regardless of which marketer you choose for gas supply. The differences will be in the deregulated charges in the chart above.

The Gas Supply Charge and the Customer Service Charge are the parts of your bill that will change when you switch suppliers. In Georgia, you have to purchase from a deregulated supplier. Atlanta Gas Light no longer offers default gas supply.

Comparing and deciding among the various offers

It comes down to choosing a fixed versus variable price. If you want to have a knowledgeable gas company managing gas supply to get the lowest possible price, choose a variable rate; it's managed by a gas supplier. Some suppliers offer promotonal variable rates that are worth a look. If you want to be sure of your bills, and think prices are going up, choose a fixed price.

Once you decide on the term, you just have to choose a company that you are comfortable with. Remember that all of these companies are approved to market gas in the Atlanta Gas Light area.

What's included in retail gas prices provides unbiased natural gas price and electricity cost comparisons. This is valuable information and education for home and commercial, house and business. It's insurance against paying too much on current utility rates. We have historical data, supplier information, home heating calculations, natural gas price charts, maps to help you find your utility area, links to solar energy, green power and wind power sites.

There are many suppliers with consumer energy rates, natural gas prices in Georgia including Georgia Natural Gas®, Gas South and XOOM Energy.

Some US states are deregulated and several have quite active markets. Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas are active and have the longest history. The most active marketers in Georgia are Georgia Natural Gas®, Gas South, XOOM Energy, SCANA Energy.

This price comparison search helps you find the cheapest natural gas among energy companies. While energy price information does not have the sex appeal of TV and electronics, it actually saves you much more money in your personal budget. If you sign a contract for 10 cents less per therm, you will save about $80 per year. The difference between the highest and lowest price in Georgia is in the charts above, so signing with the lowest cost provider will save you money. Think about this when the door to door marketers and telemarketers talk to you.

We are a consumer report on the energy industry. Property Management and Real estate professionals like the information we provide about utility bills, cost history, on heating system conversion costs, and energy price forecasts to help their clients manage expenses and cost of living.

Business customers have many more options for buying natural gas. Both full requirements fixed gas contracts or naked price contracts based on the Dawn, AECO, or NYMEX index, and pay all of the other charges quoted separately. Business customers using more than 7,500 therms per year can ask Energyshop for help. We will try our best to help you.

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