Pricing Information

Here are RiteRate's offers for Union Gas South customers.

There are three offers from which to choose.

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1 Year Fixed Price of 15.9¢/m³  

Plus 5.355¢/m3 transportation

3 Year Fixed Price of 15.4¢/m³  

Plus 5.355¢/m3 transportation

5 Year Fixed Price of 14.9¢/m³  

Plus 5.355¢/m3 transportation

RiteRate   (OEB License No. ER-2016-0221)
20 Floral Parkway, Concord, ON  L4K4R1

No signup fee. No hidden charges

  1. Predictable rates...
    - You can budget for the next 3 or 5 years.
  2. Save your money...
    - Consistently the lowest fixed rates in Ontario.
  3. Knock, knock...
    - It will never be RiteRate at your front door.
  4. Easy sign-up...
    - In just minutes, from the comfort of your home.

For All the Right Reasons

We're Canadian RiteRate Energy ("RiteRate"). What we offer is a better way to buy natural gas and electricity. What we promise is honesty, reliability, and value. What we hope is that you'll see us as the smart alternative.