Our Purpose

We provide price transparency

Energyshop.com is a reliable source of information about natural gas, electricity and energy efficiency. For the past 21 years Energyshop.com's purpose has been to make it easy and convenient for business, government, and householders to find the most competitive energy rates and services available. Our cost comparison services are free for both business and residential energy consumers. We are completely independent of all natural gas and electricity suppliers, generators, or distributors. Our mission is to get you the best rate and to make the process as easy and efficient as possible.

M3 & W Inc. is our incorporated name and we operate under the Canadian trademark Energyshop.com. We do not sell natural gas or electricity to residential customers--we simply provide rate the comparisons to make decisions easy. All energy sellers and consumers can use our web site to transact. We do our very best to keep natural gas and electricity price comparisons up to date for both Canada and the USA.

Our customers include many of North America's best known businesses and retail brands. In conjunction with our cost comparison services for business we also act as a natural gas agent and often aggregate the loads from many larger corporate, governmental, and industrial customers to access better rates. When you purchase your next energy contract please use our site so we can keep this cost comparison service relevant and free.

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In Ontario, Canada we hold retail energy marketing licenses issued by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) that enables us to provide our online service to energy consumers. Our licence numbers are as follows: