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Georgia Natural Gas Prices

Compare residential natural gas offers and switch.

A Switch is when a customer is simply changing from one Energy Supplier to another without moving service locations. Switch and save money.

Deregulated Natural Gas Prices 
Commodity prices in /therm  

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Constellation Energy GA 89.9 52.9 49.9 -- -- $5.95 CSC --
True Natural Gas 112.9 59.6 52.9 -- -- $5.95 CSC --
Georgia Natural Gas 49.9 59.9 52.9 55.9 -- Sign up today and Save! view offer or sign-up online
SCANA Energy 139.9 62.9 59.9 59.9 61.9 $5.95 CSC Variable Rate Plan (1-month intro) 38.9 --
Walton EMC Natural Gas 134.9 67.3 64.9 -- -- $5.75 CSC --
Infinite Energy 128.9 69.9 62.9 -- -- $5.95 CSC view offer or sign-up online
Just Energy -- 85.0 85.0 83.0 -- $5.95 CSC view offer or sign-up online
Gas South 49.0 -- 61.0 -- 55.0 Sign up today and Get $25 in bill credits! view offer or sign-up online
Stream Energy 118.8 -- 59.8 54.8 56.8 $5.95 CSC --
XOOM Energy Georgia, LLC 89.9 -- 46.9 -- -- $5.85 CSC Variable Rate Plan (2-month intro) 39.9 --
Prices checked often. Last change: December 8, 2018

By default, the suppliers are sorted by the number of customers signed on this site.


  • AGL Pass Through Charges are levied by AGL for maintaining the natural gas pipelines and storage facilities, reading your meter each month and social and environmental costs. They are the same for all marketers.
  • The Customer Service charge (CSC) is a fee charged by the marketer, not AGL.

Historical Natural Gas Averages

Here are some historal natural gas prices for the state Georgia. Chart show that if you are paying the average price (or higher) you can really save money if you switch to the lowest fixed price at each renewal. If you signup on we will remind you to do this at renewal time.

Atlanta Gas & Light No Longer Provides Default Natural Gas Supply

The charges you pay to AGL will be the same regardless of which marketer you choose for gas supply. The differences will be in the deregulated charges in the chart above.

The Gas Supply Charge is the part of your bill that will change when you switch suppliers. In Georgia, you have to purchase from a deregulated supplier. Atlanta Gas Light no longer offers default gas supply.

Comparing and deciding among the various offers

It comes down to choosing a fixed versus variable price. If you want to have a knowledgeable gas company managing gas supply to get the lowest possible price, choose a variable rate; it's managed by a gas supplier. If you want to be sure of your bills, and think prices are going up, choose a fixed price.

Once you decide on the term, you just have to choose a company that you are comfortable with. Remember that all of these companies are approved to market gas in the Atlanta Gas Light area.

What's included in retail gas prices

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