Deregulated Electricity Offers for Your Home

Here are the competitive electricity offers for electricity in Alberta.

Prices are kept on a best-efforts basis. Customers should confirm the price on the contract received.

Regulated EPCOR Rates

Regulated EPCOR rates are not available at this time.

The status of electricity deregulation in Alberta

Most Albertans can choose their supplier for electricity. Small volume customers that use less than 250,000 kWh per year can choose a competitive supplier, or stay with your current utility supplier. The exception is the City of Medicine Hat, where no such choice is available.

What's included in retail electricity prices

If you choose to buy from a electricity marketer, the security of your electricity service won't change and you'll still get just one bill.

Comparing if you use less than 250,000 kWh/year

You have two fundamental choices:

  1. Stay with the utility and pay the variable Regulated Rate option (RRO); or,
  2. Go with a deregulated energy marketer at a competitive electricity price.

The RRO is a short term price that is set for a one year term (with possible quarterly adjustments) based on expected market prices.

If the set rate turns out to be lower than the utility has to pay for the electricity provided to you, they can add a surcharge to collect the difference.

Marketers offer a broad range of choices of fixed rates. You'll be asked to choose between retailers from terms between one and five years. There might be other incentives such as Air Miles™ or a free month of electricity.

Your decision depends on your budget, and what you expect electricity prices to do over the next few years.

Regulated rates are not fixed rates, nor can they be

Alberta utility rates are regulated by the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board. Utilities can and do apply for changes to rates. They can't offer fixed contracts except through deregulated affiliates. The reason you would sign up with an energy marketer would be to avoid unexpected rate changes.

Deciding on that deregulated portion

The portion of your bill over which you have choice is about 70% of the total charge per kilowatt hour. The monthly service charge and any other services that you get from your utilitiy, such as rental equipment or a service contract, are in addition to that. That 70% goes to whomever you choose to supply your needs. Remember this split when comparing costs. When a promotional message claims a 10% saving, it is referring to 10% of the 70% over which you have choice.

Get more information from Alberta Utilities Consumer Advocate Office

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