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Active Energy®   (OEB License No. GM-2012-0044)
390 Brant Street, Burlington, ON  L7R 4J4

About Active Energy

Active Energy is a wholesale natural gas supplier, which has been doing business in Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec since 2005. In the East, Active deals with larger clients such as hospitals, school boards, and large retail chains. We pride ourselves on being professional, up-front, and competitive. We provide a level of service and customization that sets us apart from our competition.

When you sign up with Active, your rates won't change

From month to month, the cost of your natural gas will stay the same for the length of your contract. and you will still receive your same bill from your utility. Take advantage of low natural gas prices and secure your price for the future.

Why Enroll with Active Energy

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct for Energy Marketers, are the rules every marketer must follow. All of Active's sales representatives and consultants are trained to follow the Code of Conduct, and in many areas we exceed its requirements.

Notes on Natural Gas Rate Protection Plans:

Customers will receive an additional 5% discount off Active Energy's Rate until March 1st 2012. The rebate will be based on the historical average household consumption with Active Energy from the flow date to March 1, 2012.

The fixed monthly price covers consumption up to 3,300 M3 per year. The average house in Ontario uses about 3,100 M3 per year.