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Here are MyRate Energy's offers for Toronto Hydro Electric System customers.

There are two offers from which to choose.

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3 Year Fixed Price of 4.7¢/kWh Sign up now!
5 Year Fixed Price of 5¢/kWh Sign up now!

Prices do not include the Global Adjustment.

MyRate Energy   (OEB License No. EB-2018-0099)
100 Milverton Drive, Suite 608, Mississauga, ON  L5R4H1

MyRate Energy - Who we are

MyRate Energy is a 100% Canadian Owned company offering natural gas and electricity Price Protection options to Ontario consumers. Both residential and commercial customers can take advantage of our Price Protection offers.

MyRate pre-purchases 100% of the commodity under contract from suppliers with an A or A+ credit rating, thus providing customers with security of supply and certainty of contract pricing.

We work hard to get you the best price for natural gas and electricity by negotiating the best supply rates and pre-purchasing all of your gas and power supply upfront.

Get comfort in knowing what you'll be paying for your commodity supply.

Get comfort in knowing what you'll be paying

Why Choose Fixed Price?

It has never been easier to take control of the rising costs to heat your home. As prices go up and down, you can never know what to expect when you open your monthly gas bill. Receive one competitive commodity rate for the term of your agreement, even if the cost of natural gas goes up after you enrol. Our Price Protection Program gives you peace-of-mind! Nothing changes in the delivery of gas. Your local utility will continue to deliver your gas, and your new price protection program will be conveniently integrated on your existing utility bill. It's that easy.